MFH Group for Visitor and Umrah Services

Has chosen its own method of carefully selecting agents to carry out Umrah programs prepared by the Group to provide the specific Umrah programs with ease and ease.

Umrah services through:

1. Contract between the company and external agents

2. Obtaining visas

3. Processing the agent for the group of pilgrims

4. Follow up the implementation of the contract with the external agent

This applies to all external agents

MFH Group seeks the services of visitors and pilgrims

 We have distinguished ourselves from the time of time in the service of dignitaries and guests of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques to provide the service with high efficiency under the slogan (the service of guests of the Rahman and our duty) and we cherish this service which includes travel, accommodation, transport and guidance

MFH Group Program for Visitors & Umrah Services:

1- Issuing the Umrah visa.

2 - confirmed flight bookings through our agents.

3 - secure the reception & farewell of pilgrims at the airport.

4 - Secure transportation convenient for internal mobility and work (on request).

5 - Secure hotel reservations in Mekkah & Medina at all levels as requested.

6- Providing support for non-Arabic speakers.

7- VIP programs:

  - Special programs for business & VIP.

Reception of MFH Group for visitors & pilgrims

The reception of our guests in the MFH Group for Visitor & Umrah services is done according to a documented methodology in the process of receiving the pilgrims at the port of arrival within the documents of the quality and safety system applied to the group,