Al - Hidary Information Technology

Al Hidary HIT is a world leader in the development of websites and Internet portals and other marketing products

- Graphic Design and business service:

Determined professionals in the field of graphic design and publications of all kinds worked in Al Hidary IT HIT

- Programmable smart devices Service 

Development of smart applications for modern Taking cell-phones that operate in advanced regimes

- Media and multimedia

Integrated and sophisticated solutions in the field of multimedia experience that can be used in the Press Service

- Computer software services

Innovative and sophisticated solutions in the field of desktop software

- Marketing Service and Electronic Publishing:

E-marketing aims to provide e-marketing services to companies, commercial, industrial and service organizations. Al Barqan e-Marketing is one of the leading companies in the field of providing e-marketing services in the Arab world. The company aims to be the first organization to provide integrated solutions in the electronic marketing of companies and institutions in accordance with international regulations and standards

Our vision

To activate the concept of e-marketing and its leadership role in adding real value in the field of marketing products, services and information to companies and companies

To be the first company to provide integrated solutions in the electronic marketing of companies and institutions in accordance with international regulations and standards

Our team

The team provides training workshops for companies, institutions, training centers and individuals to train cadres who wish to benefit from the Internet revolution in a positive way. Training also aims to provide professional advice. For high trainees, there is also the possibility of distance training to provide knowledge in an easy and up-to-date manner

Our mission

Marketing products, services, information and brand through the most important methods of e-marketing in the world.


At present, there is an increasing trend towards e-marketing, and most companies are moving towards the e-marketplace to take advantage of e-marketing capabilities, especially since companies that have adopted the idea of e-marketing have been able to develop new competitive standards. On the other hand, e-marketing has created an advanced marketing environment that will provide customers with more luxury and pleasure in finding and meeting their needs. The most important opportunities and benefits of e-marketing campaigns for companies and customers in the era of information technology and changing the business environment can be identified as follows:

Possibility to export and market your products to international markets

Provide goods and services according to customer needs

Get feedback for product development

Reduce costs and use flexible pricing policies

Development of new forms and channels for distribution

Use interactive promotion methods with customers

Support and activation of generosity

Achieving competitive advantages and strategic position in e-markets

Convert all means of communication within the Internet into an efficient service

- Other services

- Logo design & flaps

- Design of Snap Chat Filters 

- mobile applications

* What Al Hidary  IT HIT has to offer

HIT strives hard for the betterment of its services and self-development through its competencies and their employees to keep pace with scientific development booms 

Phenomenal development in the field of information technology and communications revolution so that they remain a in the top quality of services provided.

* AL Hidary for technical Information HIT

A Saudi company working in the field of information and communication technology, it operates on a renewed pace to be among the best providers of IT services

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia they have distinct expertise and global vision. Composed of staff with special expertise in the field of Information Technology

They cope with the requirements and needs for advanced technology. It consists of professional programmers, designers, and expertise 

E-marketing applications and smartphones. Al Hidary is also proud about its previous large IT work in the field of information technology and it has a large data base

Major customers and companies