Has chosen its own method of carefully selecting agents to carry out Umrah programs prepared by the Group to provide the specific Umrah programs with ease and ease.

Umrah services through:

1. Contract between the company and external agents

2. Obtaining visas

3. Processing the agent for the group of pilgrims

4. Follow up the implementation of the contract with the external agent

This applies to all external agents

- Rental of hotels and residential buildings for pilgrims and pilgrims

- Issuing Umrah visas

- Reception and farewell

- Transfer of pilgrims and pilgrims

- VIP services

- A guide to performing rites speaking several languages

- Special meals (in the country of pilgrims - Hajj)

- Charter services (charter flights upon request)

- Reservation and flight services - Issuance of tourist visas and implementation of integrated tourism programs.

- Visit historic and holy places in Madinah - Makkah and all over the tourist kingdom.