Al-Hidary group characterized by a number of specialized agencies in several areas, one of them 90 SECONDS  which special department for fairs organization and management organization exhibitions, conference and event such department seeks to provide best service by methods and plans that are well studied according to the international standards through professional work team of high experience and skill in such domain, such team has the ability to plan future vision and create renewable thoughts in such field  Unique Planning seeks to understand the demands of the local market to identify the strength points of challenges and the available chances. Since we work in professional way starting from identifying the duty & the general vision of the event and the advantage of such event to the society then moving to professional marketing stage to identify the audience with such event organizing exhibitions and conference beginning from a well-studied strategic marketing plan reaching to the stage of execution and equipping on site according to top quality.

This can be done through:

  • Preparation and create of the overall vision and main objectives depend on the main customer vision.
  • Create logo and identity. 
  • Preparation of planning exhibitions space for exhibitions and managed optimally.
  • Preparation and decorative design exhibition with all of the accessories and lighting, sound engineering internal and external needs.
  • Technical management of all electronic equipment.
  •  Develop and implement a marketing plan and attract customers.
  • Advertising and media coverage before, during and after the event.
  • Preparation all printing material ( sign board – pocket … ).
  • Registration and reception service.
  • Air travel, accommodation and subsistence, transportation, meeting rooms, and organizing tours for the participants tariff arrangement.
  • Secure and private transportation during the conference period.
  • Provide reception services at airports and check-in services.

Faire are important to organizing exhibitions and conference for the following reasons:

  • -To get distinctive chance of interaction and communications with services providers and to be introduced to products and services that are available in the market.
  • -To create a chance to convince the prospective consumers to focus on your products and services which will lead to the increase in sales quantity.
  • -To create amicable environment which enables the client to interact freely and take several of product.   
  • -To obtain practical solutions for challenges and strategies that can be applied practically to improve your business.
  • -To provide best commercial environment which increases the possibility of dealing.
  • -To know more about the purchasers needs and demand directions and consequently to improve the strategies of marketing and pricing for the future.
  • -To increase the loyalty of clients by obtaining detailed information about them which will strengthen the relations with such clients.
  • -To maintain continuous interaction with purchasers along the year to increase the continuous visits and to build the commercial mark.

Organizing exhibitions and conference one of the most important methods to communicate directly which clients, fairs are the most effective tool for marketing which can offer new ideas and develop carefully incomparable plans to attract the largest number of investors and people who are interested in attending such fairs.

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Some of our work:

Exhibitions “ honestly Saudi is better “ Jeddah – Hilton hotel.  

Exhibitions “ Jeddah Lady “Jeddah – Hilton hotel. 

Subscribe to craft Assembly in marketing and some regulatory functions.

Exhibitions “Circle of  Beauty “Jeddah – Hilton hotel. 

Post talent exhibition sponsored by King Abdullah.

Post exhibition of Petroleum and Mineral Resources under the auspices of King Abdullah

Festival of Fun time Pizza – Al-Hukair group.

Festival of Al-Tahlia mall. 

First International Conference on English Language Teaching 2016

Saudi National Day Festival - Ana Saudi - Alhokair Time 2018

Photos of our organization